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Outdoor Bistro Lighting For You

Summer nights inspire you to get crafty and start hanging. The only problem is that they just don’t quite look like you imagined. The string lights are either too short or too long, or they just look wrong no matter how you arrange them.  But your dreams for beautiful, patio, bistro or cafe string lights doesn’t have to end in tears. With Music City Outdoor Lighting, those worries are over. Here are a few tips to finding the perfect lights for you. 

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Finding Your Look – Creating the right look for your string lights can come down to matter of taste. Some people like zig zags while others prefer straight lines. Regardless of the pattern, traditionally café style lights look best when they have a bit of swag, when they have a sweeping bow from one point to the next. Keeping the strands consistent in their spacing, as well as uniform in their height, will be the key to an elegant display. 

Getting the height and spacing – In order look right, it often requires cutting strands to custom lengths. Don’t compromise your vision for beautiful cafe lighting by using pre-cut lengths from the strands you buy at the big box store. Don’t let a cookie cutter version dictate the look of your lights. 

Types of Cords – It’s important to know the different kinds of strands out there and how they look and perform. The biggest difference you should be aware of is commercially rated strands vs. Christmas light strands. (Go with the commercially rated strands. Commercial grade strands, on the other hand, are UV protected and provide durability with thicker gauge wire & fully insulated sockets. 

Outdoor bistro lights

Outdoor bistro lights can really set the mood for a gathering and be a lot of fun. If you’re excited to do some lighting but aren’t sure where to get started, consulting with a lighting designer can help. With a wealth of knowledge in lighting design and lighting systems, they can really help take your project to the next level. 

Your goals to enhance the beauty of your home can be reached. With a good plan, beautiful design, and proper installation, our professionals are here to assist you with making the exterior of your home beautiful. There is no such thing as design limits once our team of hard-working professionals begins the process of making your home look amazing. Your home will be more inviting with your new home exterior lighting. Our team of experienced professionals strives hard to aim for success in making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call today for a free quote and start enjoying your summer!

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